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Q. How Did You Acquire So Many Papers & Topics?!?
We wrote 'em! The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc., an educational resource company, has produced more than 20,000 papers since 1994! Every paper on this site was developed by our experts-- not by students!!!
Q. What Kinds Of Backgrounds Do You Have?
The Paper Store is a professional organization located at 38 Parry Drive, Hainesport, NJ 08060. Our company has been actively involved in assisting students since 1994. Our writers maintain strong academic backgrounds. The vast majority of our business is from repeat customers & referrals. The mere fact that we have written a phenomenally-large collection of 20,000 papers -- over just a few years -- truly speaks for itself! Our vast inventory of papers reflects our experience!!!...

Q. How Do I Find What I Need?
Our catalog of papers can be searched from this site by KEYWORD or by TOPIC! Your choice! Use our keyword search for very specific queries or select a broad topic from the drop-down subject list above...

Q. The Price Is $9.95 Per Page But,...What Exactly Do You Mean By A "Page"?
All research papers at papertopics.com were created using standard Courier [Or Courier New] 12pt type and are double-spaced with an average of 225 words per page. There is no unusual pagination or font inflation...

Q. What Kind of Guarantee Is There?
We guarantee that our research papers accurately match their abstracts [descriptions provided]. In fact, PaperTopics is so confident in our work, we'll gladly e-mail you a free, one page preview from any report you select! Just write to us and tell us which paper you're interested in !...

Q. How Long Does It Take To Get A Paper?
Not long at all!!! Even during peak season, papers are delivered via email or fax within just 8-9 hours! Turnaround time is usually only 5-6 hours -- and may be even faster during calmer periods late at night! If you absolutely need research in less time, just use the "RUSH" option after you put your order through to ensure delivery within just 3-5 hours...

Q. Do I Have To Live In The United States?
Nope ! Thanks to the Internet, you can order on-line from anywhere in the world!

Q. Can I Read These Reports In Languages Other Than English?
Of course! Simply select Spanish, French, Italian, German, or Portuguese from the TRANSLATION section of our order form. Please note that our translations are reasonable but far from perfect. To compensate, we send a backup of every translated paper in English as well.

Q. Can I Copy From Your Papers?
Not a chance! Any words, ideas, thoughts, or concepts -- that appear in OUR paper and are re-mentioned in YOUR paper -- MUST be properly-cited as originating from The Paper Store. Students with questions about proper referencing should email us and/or consult with their instructor.

Q. How Can I Pay For This?
Most of our customers pay with any major credit card. Those with more time to wait mail in checks or money orders. Those in a rush...with no credit card...choose the Western Union Quick Collect option on our order form -- and pay with cash from anywhere in the world [receipts for cash payments are issued instantly!]. Please see our order form for available options and pertinent details.

Have a question not listed here? Email us to ask it!
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